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Nov 08
Why is it important for teachers to continue professional development?

This is a topic that will no doubt cause you to sigh and possibly even groan……

Oct 03
How We Can Professionalise Teaching

We all know that teaching is complicated, challenging work. On a daily basis, teachers…

Jun 12
Your SACE CPTD Questions answered

What does SACE CPTD points mean and how do you earn it? What happens when you…

May 01
How Learning Online Can be a Great Alternative to Having to Attend PD Meetings

Some of your required professional development hours must be spent outside PD…

May 01
Creative Ways to Get Professional Development Going in Your School (or with a Group of Keen Teachers)

Every teacher has to get professional development hours, but reading another book…

May 01
I Teach, so Why Do I Need Professional Development?

The very nature of being a teacher is learning. Every day, you learn something new…